PS3550 Connected in Panel

If you’re like many companies, your electric bill is a portion of your budget you feel you simply cannot do anything about. Since all you get is one overall monthly bill, with no indication of whether that use was standard or excessive compared to operations that month, you simply pay it an move on. After all, it is not like you can stop using electricity! While you cannot completely eliminate your need for electricity, it may be possible to lower what you use. You see, many companies just like yours monitor their power consumption and find there are several energy wastes that can be rectified by operational changes.

A reduction in the electricity you use and therefore a lower electric bill each month is one of the most popular reasons to monitor your power consumption. This is not the only reason, though. Others include:


It ensures everyone’s safety

On the positive side, keeping an eye on your electrical usage can be used to ensure adherence to local safety regulations. On the other hand, failure to do so can result in overloading an existing electrical source and creating electrical safety and reliability hazards.


You can know your electric bill is correct

It should come to no surprise that just likes your cable bill or check at a restaurant, your monthly electric bill is something not correct. Monitoring your usage helps to ensure you’re always paying the right amount.


You are able to identify and correct any issues

There are many times when the only way to troubleshoot a problem is to capture and analyze data over an extended period. For these troubleshooting scenarios, energy monitoring products are invaluable!


When you’re ready to get a better handle on your company’s power consumption, PowerSight is here to make that possible. We offer everything you need for power consumption monitoring, from power analyzers to software, to complete systems. If you don’t want or need your solution long term, we offer you a convenient option to rent power monitoring products!