A New Collection of PowerSight Power Analysis Systems is Hitting the Virtual Shelves

As of just recently, we are offering new and improved configurations of PowerSight complete power analysis systems. The new tiered systems feature increasing levels of capability for handling any power analysis situation that is needed. 

The base systems provide the essentials for complete power analysis. They closely resemble what has been offered in the past but now include the recommended memory options. The new “PRO” systems add the accessories that most professionals want in their toolkit for redundancy and efficiency for powering the analyzer, for communicating, and for data storage. The “PRO+” systems address the discerning needs of the professionals who intend to use the systems long-term, in any environment. 

All 3 tiers of system configurations are available for the PS5000 Color Graphics Power Quality Analyzer, the PS4550 Power Quality Analyzer, and the PS3500 Power Analyzer. This results in a matrix of capability of 9 power analysis systems to satisfy most needs and budgets. 

The new system configurations are intended to make the buying decision simpler and to improve the success of purchasers once they have the system in the field. This product organization makes purchasing through distribution and ecommerce much easier, since less consultation is now needed. We understand that a “one size fits all” approach does not properly serve power analysis needs, and that is reflected in the new family of PowerSight systems. 

As before, any customer can avail themselves of the unsurpassed variety of accessories and operating options of PowerSight products to create any system a la carte. Thus, any user has a method to accomplish just about any power analysis measurement need, including direct connection to 15,000 Vrms, direct measurement of DC current up to 2,000Arms, power-line noise analysis to 100,000 Hz, and more. 

All PowerSight analyzers maintain their unique true-hand-held form factor, including the PS5000, which is the industry’s smallest color graphics power quality analyzer.

Old Systems

  • PK3514
  • PK3564
  • PK4514
  • PK4564
  • PK5064

New Systems

Highlights of the systems are:

  • PRO and PRO+ systems include commonly desired cables and adapter options
  • PRO and PRO+ systems include a compact accessory that powers the analyzer from the voltage that it is monitoring. This eliminates having open power panels during testing, exposed power cords, and the tripping hazard of extension cords.
  • PRO+ systems include a unique carrying/operating case. It is more compact for travel and storage and it also allows the system to operate while inside it, with cables exiting a weather-resistant cable port. This Pelican-style luggage accessory allows extended monitoring in just about any weather environment (as on a roof-top). It allows locking the case closed and chaining it to a pole to secure the system in an unsecured area. It is the simplest solution for transport, setup, and leaving the power analyzer in safety and security outside of a power panel.
  • PRO+ systems include an extra year of the PowerSight Deluxe Warranty. The warranty includes an extra calibration, plus warranty coverage and software/firmware updates for a total of 2 years. Note: Users can opt to extend the warranty of any PowerSight system up to a total of 3 years.

Interested in acquiring a new system? Click the links above to explore the different models, speak with our sales team about your options, or request a quote.