Why Buy a PowerSight Warranty?

Why Buy a PowerSight Warranty?

PowerSight warranties are completely unique in the industry for power testing instruments. No other manufacturer offers any warranty package or maintenance plan as comprehensive or future-proof as we do.


What Makes PowerSight Warranties So Unique

  • They are extendable and renewable. While other brands offer a one-time warranty (usually 1 to 3 years), we allow you to reinstate your warranty anytime for a low price.
  • They can be bought retroactively. If your analyzer is no longer under warranty but you need repairs and/or calibrations, you can reinstate the warranty and get the service you need. That’s like buying car insurance after an accident!
  • They lower the cost of ownership. Instead of buying a whole new analyzer after a one-time warranty expired, you can keep your PowerSight running like new for years and years, with a reinstated warranty that costs a small fraction of the analyzer price.
  • We offer a limited warranty for discontinued analyzers. Just because we do not produce it anymore, does not mean our customers do not use it! Limited warranties have their limitations compared to the deluxe warranty, but they still keep older PowerSight analyzer models very much alive.
  • They are comprehensive and inclusive. See below.

What’s Included

What’s Not Included

  • Repair due to misuse, corrosion, environmental damage, or cosmetic wear
  • Battery replacement for the discontinued PS4000
  • Failure of an analyzer that has had the calibration sticker broken or removed

Limited Warranties

  • Limitations on repair remedy (under our discretion)
  • Does not include repair for probes or accessories. Only the analyzer qualifies for repairs.

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