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PK5064-PRO+ complete Graphical Power Quality Analysis System includes PS5000 Graphical Power Quality Analyzer with extended memory, AC charger, Quick-Start manual, deluxe voltage leads, four eFX6000 flexible current probes, SD memory card, Windows PSM-A Software, Mini Line-to-DC Converter, Bluetooth Adapter, USB Communications Cable, CASW Weather-Resistant Carrying/Operating Case, and 2-year deluxe warranty.

The PK5064-PRO+ is the top choice for comprehensive power quality studies, energy audits, load studies, harmonic analysis, and more. Wide-range flexible current probes allow you to get into tight and confined spaces, wrap around large conductors, and measure almost any AC circuit that comes your way.
The color graphics allow seeing waveforms, phasors, harmonic profile, trend logs, and more in your hand with no need for a laptop. Most efficient method of quickly reviewing any of dozens of collections of measurements for fast and thorough understanding of the power study.


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PK4564-PRO complete Power Quality Analysis System includes PS4550 Power Quality Analyzer with extended memory, AC charger, Quick-Start manual, deluxe voltage leads, four eFX6000 flexible current probes, SD memory card, CAS3 hard-shell carrying case, Windows PSM-A Software, and 1-year deluxe warranty.

This system contains the all recommended equipment for almost any power quality study in the world. Other tiers in the PK4564 class include the base PK4564 and PK4564-PRO+ systems.


Measure and log all common power measurement types:  V, A, W, VA, VAR, kWH, PF, Hz, THD, etc.

Capture power quality events in multiple ways to view and record swells, dips (sags), inrush, high speed transients, etc of both voltage and current.  All inputs are sampled continuously and simultaneously so nothing is missed.

Wide range of fundamental frequency modes for 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz, variable frequency systems, and DC to cover all your needs.

Able to evaluate all power systems: 3 phase Wye, 3 phase Delta (including 4-wire, open, and grounded), split-phase, single phase, quad single phase (using same source) , 3PT/3CT, 3PT/2CT, 2 current power, DC, quad DC (using same source).

The included Advanced PowerSight Manager (PSM-A) Windows software improves your efficiency and eliminates sources of error at each stage of the monitoring process:


Benefit from the safety rating of 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV and Bluetooth Wireless Communications (remote viewing/control of the display without the burden of wearing PPE).

The Extended Memory Option (MEM2) comes installed in the PS4550. Paired with the SD Memory Card, the analyzer has virtually unlimited logging capacity. The SD Memory Card also provides redundant storage to reduce the risk of data loss.

Get communications redundancy with the Bluetooth USB Adapter and USB Communications Cable. Bluetooth capability comes standard on all PowerSight analyzers, but the Bluetooth USB Adapter provides a more reliable wireless connection to the PC. The USB Communications Cable provides a fast and easy wired option for connecting your PS4550 to a PC. Just don’t use the cable to connect the analyzer during a live test!

Monitor power for long periods of time with the Mini Line-to-DC Converter (LDCm). This accessory allows the meter to power itself off the voltage being monitored. So, as long as the power to the equipment/panel is on, the analyzer can stay on and log data. The LDCm’s small form factor makes it easy to fit in tight spaces, so it can stay out of view and harm’s way.

Extend the measurement range with the use of our industry-widest array of accessories and options:

  • measure down to 0.002 amps AC (HA-GFD)
  • measure from 5 to 2000 amps DC (DC600/DC2000)
  • direct connect and measure to 15kV (5KVP/15KVP)
  • measure power-line noise to 100kHz (FAO)

Comes with 4 eFX6000 flexible current probes. These popular probes are our best all-around choice for measuring current. The flexibility of the probe makes installation easier and allows the probe to fit in tight panels where clamp-on probes cannot.

First rate technical support, direct from the manufacturer to you!


General Specs

Category Notes
Size PS4550 Analyzer:  3.88″ (9.86 cm) W x 7.72″ (19.61 cm) L x 1.58″ (4.01 cm) Deep at bottom end; 2.14″ (5.44 cm) Deep at top end
Weight PS4550 Analyzer:  1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)
Operating Range 32 – 122 degrees F (0 – 50 degrees C) Relative humidity to 70% (non-condensing)
Power Requirement 12V DC @ 500 mA
Battery Life 8-10 hours after 4 hour charge
Battery Type Li-ion
Sampling Rate 8 microseconds for Voltage and Current, continuous/simultaneous
Safety 600V CAT IV, 1000V CAT III
SD Card Slot Accepts SD Cards to 32GB (SDHC)
Logging Period (Resolution) 1 Second – 99 Minutes (set by user)
Logging Duration (Length of session) up to 2 years, depending on memory allocation
Internal Data Retention 8 years
Other Features Crest Factor, K Factor, Peak Demand Period, Peak Demand of Peak, Demand Period, Duty Cycle, On/Off Cycle %, Avg. On Time, Avg Off Time

Voltage Measurement

Category Notes
Direct Measurement Range 1 – 1,000V (up to 15,000V with optional 15KVP)
Measurement Range 1 – 6 megavolts (using input ratios with PTs)
Accuracy 0.1% of reading ±0.3 Vrms

Current Measurement

Category Notes
Direct Measurement Range 1 – 6,000A AC (down to 0.002A with optional HA-GFD, DC to 2,000A with optional DC2000, etc)
Display Range 0.001 – 6 megamps (using input ratios and CTs)
Accuracy ±1 % of reading +/-0.2A in low range, +/- 2.0A in high range

Power Measurement

Category Notes
Direct Measurement Range 1 – 18 megawatts (assuming 1000V, 6000A, PF=1.00, 3-phase power)
Display Range from 0.002W (using HA-GFD) to 999 megamps (using input ratios and CTs)
Accuracy ±0.5 % of reading +/- the accuracy of the current probes
120ADP top small

120ADP 120V Test Adapter


15KVP Set of 3 Voltage Probes

Deluxe Fused Voltage Probes

Deluxe Fused Voltage Leads

5KVP Set

5KVP Set of 3 Voltage Probes


WAR42/41 Ext. Warranty

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