Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Our PSM-A software allows thorough and detailed options to view your data. Choose from multitudes of different configurations and analyze your data to get the information you desire.

Data analysis is a feature of our PSM-A software. Download our software for free here:

Analyze your Logging Data with a powerful and flexible tool

  • Examine logged data, looking at any combination of data.
  • Zoom to any area of interest, with built in measurement tools and options to meet every need.
  • Export the data to Excel for custom analysis or copy the screen to any common graphic format for inclusion into reports.

View triggered events from several different vantage points

  • Display and view data as scatterplots
  • List event logs in a readable form as a text log
  • View waveform captures at the time triggering
  • Analyze RMS of every half cycle
  • All able to be exported to Excel for detailed custom analysis or copied for distribution and insertion into reports