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Power Quality Analysis

Our PSM-A software will support you in your power quality analysis needs.  In continuous development for over 25 years, serving thousands of users, and supporting the largest power analysis rental supplier, PSM-A is optimized for your needs.

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This section introduces you to some of the flexibility and power of our PSM-A software when doing power quality studies.

Scatter Plot View

The Slider allows you to quickly cycle through event points for comparison and review.switch between graph of magnitude or durationflexible triggered event type selection Combine as many (or few) different measurement types as you wish. As many vertical axes as are needed will appear to support the selections.Display and highlight different phases.Sample Values.  Wherever your cursor lies on an event, the timestamp, magnitude, and trigger type of events is shown under the cursorZooming.  Repetitive zooming is supported to allow viewing any detail of interest.

Event Analysis

Title and Sub-Title Control.  In addition to the global settings for title and sub-title, you can set them for specific displays prior to to printing or export to reports.You can quickly switch to viewing other data types from the same monitoring sessionOn-Screen Labels.  If there is a point of special interest, insert a label pointing to the spot with the text of your choice.Summary Measurements. Values are displayed at the top in the Summary Header.

Data Exportation

Additionally, whatever you view can be exported to image files for distribution or inclusion into reports. All data can be exported to Excel for detailed custom analysis.

Event Text View

Tablular presentation of all summary information for each eventLinks to other views of the event (waveform, ½ cycle RMS plot)Export and capture

Swell/Dip Waveform View


Transient Waveform View

Absolute transientsRelative transients

1/2 Cycle RMS Graphic View