The PowerSight Manager – Advanced software has a Remote Control feature for the analyzer it’s connected to, allowing the user to use the meter as if it was in their hand. This feature is standard on every PowerSight analyzer through a Bluetooth wireless connection. This article discusses how it can be valuable and how to utilize it.


There are many reasons to operate in Remote Control, but they summarize into 4 categories:

  • Safety,
  • Enhanced Viewing of Data,
  • Comfort, and
  • Efficiency.

Safety: This is the basic benefit of the Remote-Control ability.

  • Safety during initial setup. The Bluetooth connection allows for working with the meter while they are outside of the arc flash boundary zone. Depending on the environment, you may be able to wirelessly communicate with your PowerSight up to 30 feet from an exposed live panel.
PS4550 Remote Control In-Use by Open Panel
  • Safety during tests: During a test, an analyzer is more often than not locked inside an electrical panel. In most cases, you can communicate wirelessly with the analyzer without opening the panel. This allows safely checking that the test is progressing properly and retrieving data sets along the way without the danger of opening the panel.
PS4550 Remote Control In-Use

Enhanced Viewing of Data: Your data can be viewed in multiple ways. Each method has its advantages.

  • Real-Time Data View: You can view all the basic measurements of voltage, current, power, and power factor for each phase updated each second. The presentation can be done as a digital cascade of measurements, Matrix-style…

… or as a graph accumulating new data each second

  • Real-Time Meters View: You can view the basic voltage, current, power, and power factor measurements as a bank of analog or digital meters. Analog meters give you a feel for the magnitude of what is happening at a glance.

The digital meters show all the core measurements, updated each second.  In addition to the present value, they inform you of the average, maximum, and minimum values since you began viewing them

  • Waveform Views: Your laptop is the ideal place to view waveforms in high resolution
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  • Other Views

Phasor Diagrams


Graphical and Digital Views of Harmonics


Comfort and Efficiency: Rather than suiting up with cumbersome PPE to check on your data or press the buttons of your analyzer, stay cool, comfortable, and safe outside the arc flash boundary zone. Avoid the distortion of face shields and clumsiness of gloves by operating the virtual keypad to accomplish what you need to. Save the time of opening and closing live panels and eliminate risk of injury.

PS4500 Starting Remote Control

How to Enter Remote Control

To use the Remote-Control ability, follow these steps:

  • Open our PSM-A software.
  • Connect to the analyzer
  • How to connect to PowerSight via Bluetooth
  • How to install a USB-to-Bluetooth Adapter
  • Click the “Communicate” option
  • Click the last option, “Remote Control”
  • Begin using the meter like it’s in your hand!
  • Check as much data as desired, but don’t change the test settings once the meter has begun monitoring a live study!

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