Disclaimer: As of 6/21/2021, our policies have changed due to the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. Some precautions may not be still in practice.

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic caught nearly everyone by surprise and our team at Summit Technology is no exception. Fortunately, we were successful in transitioning to safer business practices quickly and effectively. As an essential business, we made it a top priority to not just meet county standards, but to provide our customers with a comfortable sense of safety. That is why we continue to remain open during this time, with a few changes set in place. (see our Shipping Policy for details on order fulfillment)

We sanitize every order (we concluded this practice as of 6/21/2021)*

Before being sent out, every analyzer, accessory, and carrying case is wiped down and cleaned with sanitizer. We also sanitize each incoming order, so we never handle products around the office that could be carrying COVID. In addition, when our staff enters the building at any point, they immediately wash or sanitize their hands. Ample soap and hand sanitizer can be found throughout the office.

We restrict facility access

The only people allowed in our offices are essential employees, scheduled package delivery personnel, and customers who have made pickup arrangements. Moreover, we have limited staff in the office, and telecommuting is utilized when appropriate. Limiting in-person engagement is a new challenge for us, but we have adapted well.

We wear facial coverings

Everyone who steps foot in the building must wear a mask. Employees handling products and greeting customers at the door must be wearing their face coverings, even outside social distance. They may choose to use their own masks, but each employee has been offered a mask with an air filter.

We can only put an end to the pandemic if we all work together to be safe. At Summit Technology, we are doing are part to keep customers and staff healthy and safe by implementing these new protocols. When schools, hospitals, office buildings, and manufacturing facilities all rely on our products for power monitoring, we have no choice but to deliver the same great products and services with a health-conscious approach.